Southern Comfort: ShottaSoCo

I really don’t know what to make of this, but I’ve watched it like 4 times already.

Southern Comfort’s #ShottaSoCo

SOUTHERN COMFORT: SHOTTASOCO from caleb jensen on Vimeo.


Advertising Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, New York, USA
Executive Creative Directors: David Kolbusz, Jaime Robinson
Creative Directors: Jimm Lasser, Caleb Jensen
Copywriter: Luke Sacherman
Art Director: Rick Jacques


Interaction In Advertising

In this day and age we all know that static content is not enough to engage consumers any more. This presents a huge opportunity for agencies to show creativity, and demonstrate the value of their campaigns through engagement with consumers. How should brands and agencies approach interaction with consumers through advertising? Download the white paper below to find out more.

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via: Emoderation, Social Media Management

The Value of Video for Brands

Digital video consumption is growing, and brands are increasingly turning to online video ads. Facebook say past studies show that adding video ads to display campaigns improves performance, so now advertisers want to know how video delivers value on its own.

To answer that question, the Facebook Marketing Science team commissioned Nielsen to analyse data on how video ads affect brand metrics. Here’s what they found.

How to succeed on YouTube: Brand Stories

Seven tips from Unilever, PepsiMax and Adidas on how to succeed on YouTube:

The tips:

1. Be authentic
2. Be relevant
3. It doesn’t have to be glossy
4. Collaborate with others
5. Listen to your audience
6.. Don’t expect engagement, ask for it
7. Be regular and reliable

How Instagram Fuels the Urban Explorer Movement

Check out these young urban explorers who are rediscovering NYC and posting their exploits on Instagram where they have thousands of followers. Catch them scaling the tops of bridges and exploring the streets of New York in abandoned subways. This is a very cool mini documentary and a must see.

If you are a fan of Urban Photography and Instagram

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Ian Buosi:

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Lindsay Nunnery:
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