This Week In Advertising – September 14, 2015

A round-up of the best advertising campaigns this week…

Audi Deutschland

Audi offers it’s customers protection against incalculable risks and unexpected repair costs. That is quite simply: “Relaxed driving”. This feeling is at the heart of the new Audi plus campaign.

Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic and lead creative agency Figliulo & Partners recently figured out a way to promote its Premium Economy cabin offering among would-be jet-setters who make purchases based on purpose over price, the airline and agency came up with an unusual idea. They’ve challenged “Evolved Travelers” to submit a job application for a “Freelance Flyer” position along with a 1,500-character micro-essay explaining how a free flight from the U.S. to London would be just the thing to help their career/life goals clear the runway. See more here

Virgin Freelance flyer micro-site

Could Virgin be the first brand to leverage LinkedIn’s job search feature for promotional purposes? Leave your comments below.

Madden NFL 2016: The Epic Launch Movie

This is for sure an epic video by EA Sports. The film pulls together a team of world-renowned artists for an epic movie parody trailer, “Madden: The Movie.” Featuring playmakers such as Patriots’ Rob Gronkowski, Falcons’ Julio Jones, Steelers’ Antonio Brown and 49ers’ Colin Kaepernick join forces with celebrity favorites Dave Franco who is back this Madden Season to take on a new rival, Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Matthew Willig in a side-splitting, action-packed caper.

Quitbit: Wearable Tech For Life Expectancy

What if a piece of wearable tech could tell your life expectancy, and count it down, on your wrist? … What if?