Channel 4’s futuristic TV promos

Were you some of those people in Britain who settled in to watch Prometheus on Sunday night? Did you spot the 30-second spot aired—completely unexplained Ad of a synthetic human housekeepers for sale?

“Meet Sally. The help you’ve always wanted,” the freakishly soothing voiceover began, as a lovely though dead-eyed cyborg is seen folding sheets, organizing the kitchen and putting the kids to bed. “She is faster, stronger, more capable than ever before.”
The ad then pitched a company called Persona Synthetics, which claims to make androids that are “closer to humans than ever before.”
There has been over 100,000 searches for this brand on Google, and apparently the website was nearing half a million visits.Well it turns out this was all a HOAX! Yes indeed. In fact some of you Aliens/Prometheus fans will know that prior to the release of Prometheus the movie, the film creators did a similar stunt with the fake future TEDx talk and other Youtube videos.Here is the trailer for the new show Humans coming to Channel 4 this June.