Ello… again

Happy New Year!

For my first post of 2015 (can’t believe it its 2015,Year of Back To The Future predictions); i thought I would go back and say Ello to a new friend. Yes i went back on to Ello and did a post!

While browsing the site i stumbled upon their Feature list. It appears Ello have a few things on it’s way that may just help this little outsider start to compete with the big boys.

Here’s whats coming soon!

  • Enhanced search & discovery
  • Audio integration (Soundcloud)
  • Private Accounts
  • Rich (multimedia) commenting
  • Mobile web refinements
  • Repost w/ author attribution
  • Online/offline user designation
  • Love + Love bookmarking stream
  • Emoji index
  • Video integration (Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram & Vine)
  • @@ Private Messaging
  • Auto-push posts to other networks
  • iOS & Android mobile apps


for those of you reading this and interested to know what they have already built, here’s a list below:

  • Emoji Autocompletter
  • NSFW settings
  • Notification Center
  • Blocking & Muting
  • Simple Commenting
  • @mention pre-population on user profiles
  • Improved error handling
  • Enhanced user Discovery
  • Fluid grid Noise view
  • Views per post
  • Drag users between Friends & Noise (still buggy)
  • Email notifications (Following/Invite Accepted/Mentions)
  • Invitation system & ability to invite Friends
  • Network-wide in-stream announcement system
  • Javascript refactor = One Page Application (OPA)
  • In-Stream notifications (Following/Invite Accepted)
  • In-line Emoji integration
  • View Followers & Following lists
  • Welcome post & brief tutorial
  • Re-order fields within Omnibar
  • WTF section (Help, About & Policies)
  • Post #, Follower # & Following #
  • @mentions (update: autocompleter now works!)
  • Arrow keys hide and reveal drawer & access full-screen publishing mode
  • Ability to make profile visible on Ello network only (on/off)
  • Image compression
  • Follow (Friends/Noise)
  • Unfollow (Friends/Noise)
  • Omnibar post text (basic)
  • Omnibar post text advanced (bold, italic, urls)
  • Omnibar post images
  • Omnibar post animated GIFs
  • Omnibar post Emoji
  • Omnibar delete posts
  • Omnibar edit posts
  • Time stamp displays post detail/permalink
  • Option to toggle Google Analytics on/off
  • Respect DNT browsers settings
  • Inappropriate content flagging

What do you think? Personally I’m still 50/50 about Ello, and from what they plan to launch from their feature list, it maybe a little bit late for the guys at Ello.

If you’re still using Ello, I would love to hear your thoughts. Go ahead and leave your comments below.