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On the rise, mysterious, yet not so new social network Ello offers a no ad platform. Before you all leave Facebook take a look at diaspora who offer a platform that you’re in control.  diaspora is based on three key philosophies, DecentralizationFreedom and Privacy. disapora didn’t catch on since it’s launch about 3 years ago now. Sadly I think the same will happen to Ello.

Who is this site for? It’s kinda of hipster, so if you are a hipster this is for you. You will find a number of artists, photographers and designers that currently use the site. If you are comfortable with Facebook, Twitter, Google+ then stick to those, but hey there’s no harm in taking a look at Ello.

Here’s a few profiles to check out and you to make your mind up: mattcoleman, brand – Giffgaff (just started), Amy, Jamie McLellan.

Pro: I do like the style, like they say it’s simple. It’s clean.

Con: Sadly no mobile app version (I think), I don’t think this will catch on as we are way to familiar with the likes of Facebook, twitter, Google+ etc.. They hype will kill it.

Whats next? Ello needs to unleash this platform as a mobile app


Art, Copy & Code


Art, Copy & Code, a Google initiative created to explore new ways in which technology can help build brands in a digital world.

Here are a few of their latest projects:

Burberry Kisses





In other news

Something to bark about, KLM’s new lost and found service.