Hackney: Dreyfus, the new kid on the block

A friend / ex work colleague of mine decided to open up his own cafe with his partner in Hackney a few months ago on 19th September. So I thought it was about time I had to pay him a visit and congratulate him on his now very popular business venture, Dreyfus.

I was very impressed with the cafe. It was a lot bigger than I first thought and kind of had a diner kind of feel to it. Very spacious and ideal for place for the yummy mummy crowd, an afternoon coffee date, or a place to simply get away from the office.

I only had the time to grab a coffee, but I will be heading back not only for the coffee but for the fantastic cakes which they have on display.

If you do plan to check this place out, and believe me you have too, do it on a Wednesday as they do all day happy hour, any tea or coffee and any slice of cake for £4!!!


Just check out this bad boy! Serious food porn here!