4 Ways To Discover Social Media Content

From time to time social media and community managers on occasion have struggled to find new content to post on various social networking sites. Here are 4 ways I use to discover my social media content.

1) Share the love – As you have built up your community/friends/fans of your brand it’s always worth while sharing their own content.  Their are just some days when you have nothing to say this is when sharing is great. ALWAYS leave a comment and a Like, that way others who may not be in your community can see who you are. We humans are always curious so it’s no doubt that they will eventually head on to your Facebook page and you never know they might even Like your page!

NEVER Spam that page you have just shared with, thats not cool.

N.B. Sharing content from other Facebook pages does increase their virality, reach and engaged users. Remember to like and leave a comment. They see it, their fans see it and hey you never know you might even get a few new members to your community.

2) Re-tweet tweet – Now if you have not done this do it now. You should by now have already created different lists in categories of your choice, so for example you may have a list of food bloggers, travel writers, fashion bloggers, CEO’s etc etc depending on what your brand industry is. The Lists you have created is your resource, I know this because this is a firm favourite of mine and where I get most of my content. Best practice for this is to do a modified re-tweet, make comment then re-tweet it OR do a normal tweet but always include where you got the source from. There is no doubt they will see this, they may even say thank you too and this is a good thing. Why? You are building your relationship with that person/business. Keep the conversation going with that.

3) Google Calendar – Now this is great and is a MUST. I am a firm believer that in your social media strategy you should never talk about just your brand, quiet frankly that is boring. 80:20 – Your social network page should be a resource, a place that your fans can keep coming back. For example I spend about 80% talking/posting about what is going on in the local area, things to do, current affairs etc and 20% about the brand itself. Simple and it works. It’s with in the 80% you should capitalise Google Calendar. Google Calendar contains pretty much all the holidays known to man, from Australian holidays to Vietnamese holidays. All the major sporting events calendar and Stardates, Phases of the moon and loads more for you to choose from. Then soon as you have added your interests of calendar events to your editorial calendar, you can simple Google to find interesting facts about each event. There is no doubt in my mind that you will have a fan that will comment/like/share/+1 or retweet this particular calendar content.

N.B – I strongly advice you do add this to your editorial calendar. Top tip use the 80:20 rule as explained above.

4) Google Reader – Another great place to find the best content for your brand industry. If you have not you should do it now. When subscribing to blogs or websites etc try and do it via Google reader. It is the best place to have all your subscribed blogs and you can easily see the lastest post.

Here is an added bonus, Google Alerts another great tool to source, blogs, images, articles, websites etc by using keywords that match your brand industry. You can easily manage your content and get email alerts as they come in, by day or weekly its up to you. I like to get fresh new content everyday, so I get my alerts on a daily basis on some of my clients brand interests from bloggers reviews to what’s happening in the local area. You just need to find the time to fit that in to your daily schedule.

Top tip – Check your stats – This is not really a way to discover new content but you should make this a rule. Once a week you should always check your social network stats. Go back and look at what post got you the most reach, most likes, most comments and then play with it. Try not to re-use the same content if possible. Just have fun with it, it is one way of knowing what works.

There are loads more ways to find your social media content but the above 5 are what I have used and they work.  How do you discover your content?