Facebook Interests


If you are like me and you love a brand’s Facebook page but you just hate having them bombard you with a post every 5 mins. Well here is a way to a) tidy up your news feed and b) arrange your liked (and yes non-liked) Facebook pages.

Step 1 – Head to the bottom left of your Facebook news feed stream and look for Interests and proceed to “Add Interests…”

Step 2 – Now you can either subscribe to what Facebook has already suggested (see picture below), search or go straight to “+ Create List” and you can do this WITHOUT having to “like” that Facebook page. It’s more than likely you already know the name of the list you want to create so click on “+Create List”

Step 3 – You are now on “+Create List” for example the list which you are about to create is about pastries, in the search box type for example donuts, Facebook will then pull up all the Facebook pages relating to donuts (see picture below). In the I have ticked 3 pages that I am interested in that are all about donuts from there click on next.

Step 4 – Now that you have picked your Facebook pages (and without even liking them too) you can begin to name your new list “Pastries” and choose who you want to see the list you have just created. Very simple and quick to do. (see picture below) You can also adjust your notification settings. The good thing about this is that you will not get notified lots, every so often you will get a summary on your main news feed. Facebook will also give you more suggestions and allow you to add other Facebook pages to this list you have created and again you do not have to like the page to get updated.