Why Small Businesses Should Be On Google+

Why should small businesses be on Google+? Here are my top 3 reasons why.

1) First and not surprisingly you get a major SEO boost. Google+ pages rank very well, creating or claiming your business page can earn you a top ranking for your brand name or support rankings for your business’s website. Secondly, your website in Google Search pages will be enhanced with your Google+ page and additional information displayed. Thirdly, all your posts and updates are available publicly and therefore viewable and comment-able from anyone on Google+ who may be searching but also via traditional Google search pages. In terms of reach, this is without comparison, even beyond Facebook’s reach.

2) Your business can be top of the ranking overnight with Google Local. How? By entering your address details, this will trigger your Google+ page to appear in local searches for some localised search queries. This is particularly important and essential, if your business only offers services to a specific location(s) or area(s). Tradesmen (plumbers, electricians, builders etc.), restaurateurs and bar owners for example must have a local presence and Google+ offers a very quick and easy way to earn that presence.

3) Lastly and a must in my eyes. Google+ Hangout, a platform to host video conferences to pitch business or present latest work to clients, host Q&A sessions with customers and showcase products or trade professionals can use the platform as a branding tool by running tutorials. This is where Facebook lacks, your customers like to see who they are engaging with from time to time. make your Google+ page human and introduce weekly or monthly hangouts with your customers.


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