10 Rules of Social Media – Part 1

We all need reminding about the rules of Social Media. Let’s face it some of us are still struggling with this…

Marketers struggling with their social media strategy may be having trouble because they haven’t yet grasped how to move from being a faceless corporation to a “friend.” Unlike the approaches of the past, these new “rules of engagement” for social media mean marketers need to adjust the way they approach consumers. Because they have not fully explored how to go about changing their approach, some companies are paralyzed between doing nothing at all and doing only the bare minimum and thinking they’re done.  Here are the 10 rules of social media courtesy of Millward Brown.

1. Don’t recreate your home page in social media: don’t rehash the same information people can get elsewhere.
2. Listen first, then talk: create a dialogue 3. Build trust by being open and honest: transparency is key.
4. Give your brand a face: give consumers someone or something accountable for the brand.
5. Offer something of value: give without wanting something in return.
6. Be relevant: don’t be invasive without purpose.
7. Talk like a friend, not a corporate entity: speak in simple, casual language.
8. Give consumers some control: be comfortable with the fact that you can’t dictate the message any more.
9. Let consumers find you/come to you: brands that seek consumers too fervently will be seen as intrusive and interruptive.
10. Let consumers talk for you: people will advocate for brands they care about.

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  1. We agree with you. Social Media is storming into the world and invading every business and the lives of millions. This is just the beginning, Social Media will still surprise everyone with its ability to adapt to every situation,

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