What do you get when Hollywood and Social Media come together?

You get this, The Inside Experience (Presented by Toshiba and Intel) consiting of film, videos and social media interactions live on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

So What is it all about you ask, well its about a girl called Christina a tough, resilient, 24-year old girl. She’s been drugged and trapped in a room. All she has is a laptop, funny enough a Toshiba and yes she needs your help to get out.

How can you help. Through the duration of her kidnapping (to date) Christine has been uploading photo’s of the room, showing us the room, window(s) to show that she is getting light, she shows us anything and everything all in order for us the viewr to help her.

Day 1 – Here we find Christine waking up…



Day 4 – Christina’s been INSIDE for 3 full days now, with hardly anything to eat or drink. She’s grateful for the outpouring of love, support, and advice from family and friends–both old and new. But she still has no idea where she is or who did this to her.



Day 10 – Today marks day number 10 for Christina. She’s finally been fed a real meal and her captor’s even granted her access to an ample supply of water, all thanks to people like you. Thousands of new friends have been communicating with her regularly, working hard to solve clues as to her whereabouts, and keeping her company this whole time.



My take on this after watching and heading on to her facebook page (actually strangly enough didnt even look on twitter, was she on twiiter??? that would have been better if she was on twitter) was yeah this is a pretty cool idea, i was hooked albeit for about 2 days, then got bored…it just didnt seem, real…by day 4 it seemed like she had become to comfortable in her surroundings. I did help and gave comments on where i thought she was, somewhere in California i reckon it was, but guess we will find out the who story tomorrow.

The final episode air’s TOMORROW morning. you will be able to see it HERE