Nintendo 3DS – Augmented Reality

If you are planning on getting a Nintendo 3DS then get it for this reason alone… AR (Augmented Reality).

Using the 3DS cameras and six AR cards included with the system, players experience the illusion of Kirby, Link and Samus appearing in their living rooms. What’s more, they can interact with their heroes, tapping the A button to change poses.

In addition, the device comes with special AR Games, giving users the opportunity to battle a dragon, fire arrows and even play a modified version of pool.

Whereas the 3-D feels like a gimmick, augmented reality presents a wealth of possibilities. It’s only a matter of time before Nintendo puts this technology to better use, perhaps in the company’s future Pokemon games. Fun for home…and the office. Video below shows a group of guys in their office who have never played Nintendo 3DS before…