MI5 – New age of recruitment

The days of the ‘tap on the shoulder’ has long gone now. As the role of MI5 has changed in recent years from counter-espionage to counter-terrorism, it has required greater public support and understanding and has recognised the need for greater openness. Since 1992 recruitment, for example, has been through advertising in newspapers and online newspapers like the Guardian.

As I was on my way home I came across this QR code advertised on a bus stop. I was a bit puzzled at first, then i began to read the rest of the poster and found out it was the QR code for MI5 careers homepage. Second thought was i bet someone has sat in front of this and tried to work it, possibly some secret coded message?!

The QR scan takes you through to this MI5 careers page. And yeah; it’s on a secure server. The British Secret Service works with Google as the click goes through DoubleClick for tracking. Personally I think it’s pretty cool way of recruiting (and tagging) and show’s MI5 are moving with the times… I still prefer the tap on the shoulder.

If you do see this, and you will just be aware that QR code/scan can track you…so if you have been a naughty person, you have now been geo-tagged.


One thought on “MI5 – New age of recruitment

  1. As the radio adverts go, discussion is vital.

    I find fascinating the use of QR codes. I guess they are useful to identify the actual online audience that a brand has. I hope they will be mentioned tomorrow morning.

    A Londoner from Afar

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