Virtual sex to be offered by hotels as standard

“Well Mr Smith you are all checked in now, just remember our hotel provides room service where you can order, breakfast, lunch, dinner or sex brought to your room”…

Yep you read it SEX, by 2030 hotels will offer virtual sex to customers, a new report by budget hotel chain Travelodge has revealed. Producing the report in conjunction with engineer and futurologist Ian Pearson, the hotel chain revealed that hotels will be in a position to monitor guest’s energy consumption levels, their health and mood in order to offer a better night’s sleep as well as presenting a virtual sex experience.

Allowing hotels goers to “connect with their partner” and have virtual sex whilst on the road, the hotel service of the future will feature lenses that can be worn to adjust the view of how the virtual partner looks.

“This will enable people to change the image of their partner on a regular basis, and only they will be aware as their lover will not be able to tell what they are looking at,” Pearson’s report claimed. As well as replacing the hotel’s blue movie offering with a new form of carnal gratification, Pearson also suggests come 2030 we will be able to craft our dream experiences with hotels offering services that allow visitors to enhance their dream experiences.

“Video, audio, smells and tactile experiences produced using our bed or bed linen will play a key role in helping to make our dreams feel real,” claimed the futurologist. “We will be able to replay our favourite dream from a menu just like choosing a movie. Also, we will be able to link into dreams with our partner or family and friends and enjoy a shared dream experience.”

Is virtual sex taking the possibilities to too dark and disturbing a place or will virtual sex only enhance a hotel stay?

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