The Rolodex is dead, long live InDigital

InDigital is a brand new web secure platform designed to help organisations with online projects to connect with specialist agencies and freelancers with skills and availability. Think
of it as an online Rolodex filled with all the contacts from the big online players in the online world, to independent Social Media Community managers, Java Experts and Bloggers – and everything in between. Need some hardware expertise? Looking for a quality photographer? Looking for a quality Wordpress developer? Got a game you want to developing? Looking for PR or marketing expertise?     STOP! Put away the Yellow Pages and head straight to where you can find all your needs.

How does it help freelancers and agencies? It’s easy – job seekers simply type in what kind of
work they are looking for (or the location) and at a click of button they will be provided with
a list organisations, what roles they hire, and a selection of their clients. Organisations can join InDigital as a client and securely post their project(s) for verified suppliers and freelancers to see, make comments and apply.

InDigital. Think of it as a community where you can share your ideas and help others with
their projects.

Currently looking for some ideas? Need some help? Get online, get InDigital.