X-Men: First Class

Well what can i say, this is truly a fantastic summer blockbuster, my favourite so far. Everything about the film from start to finish was beautifully directed by Matthew Vaughn

If you have read other reviews about this movie, then you will know that the best part is Michael Fassbender’s Nazi revenge storyline. Vaughn creates an atmosphere with weird but pleasing touches of Ian Fleming and Frederick Forsyth. There is a terrific scene in which Erik turns up in the head office of a sinister Swiss banker, asking for somewhere to stash his Nazi gold: Goldfinger meets The Odessa File, and there’s also a touch of Marathon Man when, with much righteous sadism, Erik extracts a metal filling from the banker’s mouth.

Spoiler alert: watch out for the cameo part by….. well lets just say Stan Lee’s face does not show in the film at all…unless i missed a few seconds of the film. Three things about this film which are on the lips of everyone in the business Fassbender, Vaughn and Bond 24.

If you have not seen it, go see it now…