Paul Smith Optimistic [New]

After doing my last blog post Today will be… on ‘Optimism’ for Paul Smith Facebook competition it wasn’t long till I got my free eau de toilette for men of the new fragrance, in fact it came just after I had my shower this morning.

First impressions; I liked the packaging, looked very cool and simply…borderline cute even (probably going to regret saying cute for a male product…yikes). The fragrance as soon as I put it on was bursting with a positive ‘fresh’ smell. It’s a positive attitude and good-mood fragrances all blended together to bring joy to everyday life. I can truly say this is, true judging by the turning heads of women I walked past earlier on (yes I did check to see if my fly was undone and I didn’t go over the top when I put it on)


3 thoughts on “Paul Smith Optimistic [New]

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