TV Ads embracing social media

I was sitting down on the sofa at home one night watching some show on Channel 4, when the ads came on. I think it was the new Budweiser campaign. The new campaign aims to celebrate the anticipation of great times and inspire summer drinkers to “Grab Some Buds” this amazed me because of their focus on the promotion of social media by putting it’s Facebook link on the ad for people to get online and enter the many competitions and prizes it was giving away.

This made me think, why have I not seen this with any other of the big brands out there but then it came to me in the few months up to the Royal Wedding BT were running their own royal wedding called BT Wedding on Facebook  were the two main characters Adam and Jane were getting married but needed the help of the fans to help choose Jane’s wedding dress, the car for them to leave at the end of the wedding and the music for their first dance as man and wife. The final response to the campaign was good. check it out for yourself.

Social media has been slowly crawling into traditional marketing channels. Twitter and Facebook icons are becoming more prevalent in TV commercials, referencing new online sources for consumers seeking additional brand information. It is good to see the two media tools working side by side.

I named 2 TV ads in this blog, how many more have you spotted? Try and name 2 big name brands and 2 not so big name brands.