Color, an app like no other

‘Color’ the next big thing in social media?

Color is a Visual Diary Every photo and video captured using Color is stored on the Web for immediate access via the application without requiring massive amounts of storage space on your phone.  Capture every experience without worrying about using up memory; Color has infinite capacity.  Each day is beautifully displayed as a series of thumbnail images.  Scroll through days, weeks, or even months, instantly using an intuitive touch interface.  Tap on any image to go back to the day when it was originally captured for full contextual information, like who was involved, who saw it, and whatever conversation it sparked. Looking back has never been so detailed, easy and fun.

Someone’s how to use and review:

Color is for Everyone (well almost if you like privacy then this app isn’t for you) Color maintains a strict public use policy to ensure that everything shared is appropriate for all ages.  Only public images and videos should be captured.  Anything captured is visible to those around you and naturally identifiable to you.  Color requires real-life etiquette and accountability for all actions. Any violation of decency can result in permanent suspension of service for a specific smartphone.

Availability: this app is available via the Apple App Store, the Android Market in the US, parts of Europe and Asia coming soon.  Color supports iPhone 3GS and 4 on both GSM and CDMA networks and iTouch 4th generation devices using Wi-Fi.  Android devices with version 2.0 and greater are also supported.  Color is free to download and use.