If you don’t have an iPhone, you have…


HTC, quietly brilliant…

I’ve had my HTC desire now for almost year I think. Loved it from day one it was released but like everyone else I had a thing for the iPhone and as a Sony Ericsson user and a big fan my choices were getting difficult.

I’m not going to talk about the iPhone much, well because I’m not a fan, sorry but I kind of compare iPhone users to Manchester united (wannabe) fans, the so called glory hunters, everyone likes man united blah blah blaaah, no doubt and I probably will take a stab and say 80% of man united fans have an iPhone, probably more but I can’t be bothered to find the stats for that… anyway where was I… Sony had also got into the smart phone market with Xperia, that was a very good looking phone that fit very nicely to the palm of my hand, yes I was very impressed with It’s curves… and that’s where I left it. Functionality of the phone just didn’t like at all but could see where Sony wanted to take it but just felt they concentrated too much on the social network side of it and left everything else behind.

IPhone was out the picture, so was just Sony Ericsson xperia and the HTC desire. HTC had pretty much everything, had the wow factor…packed with stuff that just made sense, stuff like when your phone rings when you’re in a meeting, so what do you do, simply turn it over and it stops ringing….yeah I know what you’re thinking, yep I thought about that too ages ago. Thats just one great feature that this phone has and the iPhone doesn’t.