Social media channels: Disaster in Morocco

Awhile ago I posted a blog about social media channels being the new weapon of mass destruction and how it help steer events in Egypt, Syria and Libya. Now we are seeing how social media can help.

Earlier today an explosion destroyed a popular tourist destination in Marrakesh, Morocco, killing 14 people one of which a British national and wounding at least a dozen more. According to reports, a suicide bomber struck the central Djemaa el Fna Square during lunchtime.

People have turned to social media channels to share information, prayers and images, using the likes of Twitter, YouTube and other social sites to share news to the world.

Marrakesh (or Marrakech) is a trending, social media is the only and fastest way for news to get out before you see it on tv.

Get on it now and check to see if your friends, loved ones or family are safe.

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