How to encourage engagement on Facebook


With the number of Facebook users on the up, businesses are still finding it hard to stay away from the social network. A poll found that 41% of small businesses surveyed have a Facebook page for their business. Last year only 21% said they were using social networks which is a 52% jump in usage.

Even with this increase, small businesses are still finding it hard to find their ‘Facebook legs’

If you are one of those businesses that only use their Facebook page as a tool to broadcast instead of a tool to engage fans, then have a look below on a few tips which will help encourage engagement.

Keep posts short

There was a 27.0% increase in engagement for posts 80 characters long or shorter. Time is a person’s most precious resource. Respect that and you will be rewarded with a higher potential of having fans read and possibly even respond to your posts.

Ask Questions

It might seem obvious, but people are more likely to engage if you ask them something. It has long been discussed that people don’t want to hear about you they want to hear about what problem you solve or what solution you offer. Asking questions not only increases engagement, but it allows you to see into the mind of your fans and understand what really matters to them. 

Post Towards the End of the Week

When everyone else’s business is winding down for the weekend you should be ramping up your efforts. With less noise to compete with and your fans possibly winding down as well, this is the perfect time to try to break through the clutter and engage with them. 

One statistic that I found interesting was that there was an 18.0% decrease in engagement for posts on Saturday.

My thoughts are that a lot of people take Saturday as their day off from technology, and this results in the lack of engagement. What do you guys think? Social media never sleeps.